Classic Superbike English version

Period 1988-1998

Regulations valid for the 2018-season based on updating in the Nordic Meeting 21.-22 October 2017. Changes made for the 2018-season compared to 2017 is marked yellow in the text.

See also chapter 1 General rules, from MCHK.

From the 2016 season, special attention is drawn to the regulations about rear light for the slicks classes and oil containment for all classes:

Rear light in the slicks classes (point 1.11 in the General rules)
All motorcycles in classes that are using slicks/rain tires shall be equipped with a red rear light. It shall be mounted at technical control but could be dismounted at dry race. The light shall be switched on when demanded by the competition leader. The light shall be clearly visible from any point behind the motorcycle. The brightness shall be equivalent to a 10-15 W normal bulb or 3-5 W LED. The light shall be steady, not flashing.

Oil containment for ALL classes (point 1.12
in the General rules)
Oil containment is compulsory for all 4 stroke machines (i.e. faired and un-faired). The oil containment must be of rigid construction, fastened securely to the machine and have a capacity of at least half of the total engine/gearbox oil and coolant capacity. For dry sump engines the oil capacity for the engine is presumed to be 0,3 liters. The oil containment must be at least 50mm deep and the lower edge of any openings in the oil containment must be positioned at least 50 mm above the bottom of the fairing. The oil containment must incorporate 2 openings of 25 mm (minimum) diameter in the bottom front lower area. These holes must remain closed in dry conditions and must be only opened in wet race conditions as declared by the Race Director.
-concerns all classes
-this rule is already valid in FIM rules for international road racing meetings.

Clarification about Ducati 996

This is a brief clarification about Ducati 996 since there has been a few questions about the history of this model and its eligibility for the Classic Superbike class.

Ducati 916 was introduced in 1994. Ducati 996 SPS (Sports Production Special) was introduced in 1997 with 996 cc displacement for homologation in the Superbike class. In addition the 996 engine had a stronger engine casing than previous models. 'Ducati 996' as a model name was not introduced until the model year 1999.

Ducati 996 is therefore eligible in Classic Superbike.

In 2001 the Ducati 996 R was introduced with the Testa Stretta engine. This engine has shorter stroke and larger bore diameter than previous models. This model is NOT eligible and NO other bike with the Testa Stretta engine is eligible.

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